We have the technical and operational capacity to coordinate and manage all the audiovisual logistics of an event. We offer our professional advice and specialized service in the configuration and operation of audiovisual equipment for congresses, conventions, meetings, fairs, conferences, inaugurations, product launches, concerts or live transmission of events via streaming, among others..

Our keys to achieving successful audiovisual solutions are the experience of our professional team; the permanent update and the correct functioning of each technological component; and the development of a logistics system that allows us to guarantee that the equipment arrives in a timely manner at the location of the event..

professional team
permanent update
logistics system

Are you about to organize an event or do you need to rent audiovisual equipment?

We can help you. We offer you our personalized advice to find together the best solution to your requirement.


We have adequate equipment to provide sound for small, medium and large venues, both in open and closed spaces: from traditional speech reinforcement to a high-impact Line Array system. Our sound operators have the necessary experience to manage the audio of your event successfully, smoothly, from start to finish.

  • Line Array and K-Array Systems.
  • Microphones according to each need: podium microphones, gooseneck microphones for podiums, delegate microphones for conference tables, wireless handhelds for rooms, wireless neckties, wireless headsets for speakers, etc.
  • Wide selection of analog and digital consoles.
  • Power amplifiers.
  • 8, 12 and 15 inch acoustic baffles.


A correct lighting design is decisive when creating the correct atmosphere for your event. The choice and arrangement of the lights allows objects and people to be highlighted to generate a space that arouses the attention of the participants and/or spectators. We have a wide variety of luminaires and the knowledge of our lighting technicians to create an event that exceeds your expectations.

  • Podium, stage and perimeter lighting.
  • Fixed luminaires: ellipsoidal fixtures, fresnel, spots, minibrut and led.
  • Moving heads: light beam, optical, fresnel and led.
  • Control and rigging systems.


We create visual experiences that increase the impact of each event. We work together with each client, devising and producing in advance the script and the contents and multimedia elements that will be used. We have equipment for the projection of data, images and videos that adapt to all kinds of events.

  • 3000, 4000 and 5000 ansi lumens video and data projectors for PC or Mac.
  • XGA and HD projectors from 4,000 to 15,000 lumens.
  • 3D projections and video mapping.
  • Projection screens with black curtain under screen.
  • Front/back 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 projections.
  • Projection tables.
  • Next-generation computers and notebooks.
  • Wireless presenters and laser pointers.


The stage is the focal point of the event: all eyes are directed there. We have technical equipment to complement the scenographic design of your event, with state-of-the-art details for a world-class presentation.

  • Ultra slim video wall.
  • LED screens of different sizes with touchscreen systems.
  • Teleprompters.
  • Enlarged image of the speaker (HD quality).
  • Next-generation computers and notebooks.


We live in the age of the internet, social networks and 24/7 interaction. With our live streaming video solution, we expand the reach of your event, beyond time and place. We offer different proposals, according to the desired level of privacy or publicity, allowing or not interaction with remote participants.

  • Exchange of audio, video and data between geographically separated groups.
  • Participation of followers outside the room, in congresses and events.
  • Long distance education.
  • Links with related companies and/or institutions from the rest of the world.
  • Point-to-point connection (two sites interacting simultaneously).
  • Multipoint connection (more than two sites interacting simultaneously).
  • Operability on ISDN lines and on IP lines.
  • Live streaming via YouTube.


We have state-of-the-art equipment for the audiovisual recording of events, with professionals trained in camera management and operation.

  • Professional betacam and digital 3ccd cameras.
  • Mixer for live editing.
  • Lighting System (followers, towers, etc.).
  • Professional cameramen.
  • Editing station.


Closed Circuit TV

  • Image transmission of the speaker in the same room.
  • Image transmission of the speaker outside the room.
  • Live surgeries from the operating room.
  • Projectors of different capacities, according to the characteristics of the place.
  • Professional betacam and digital 3ccd cameras.
  • Lighting system (followers, towers, etc.).
  • Projection screens with black curtain under screen.

People search

  • Strategically distributed loudspeaker system to search for people, broadcast informative messages and background music in common areas.

Report Center

  • Power amplifiers according to the place to be sound.
  • Conveniently distributed acoustic baffles.
  • Professional announcers.
  • Functional music.
  • LCD Connected Network System.

Room assistants

  • Uniformed room assistants to assist with sound, data projection, receiving translation receivers, receiving office, etc..

Professional Technical Operators

  • Professional audio, projection and translation technical operators throughout the event.


We believe in lasting relationships.

For this reason, we have implemented a benefits program that offers our frequent clients privileged attention, guaranteeing the permanent availability of equipment, technical service, professional interpreters, promotions and industry news.


We accept all credit cards and debit cards.