We speak all languages,
Mainly yours.


We are the only Argentine SME that offers comprehensive solutions in the area of simultaneous interpretation, covering all aspects of the business. We develop, manufacture and distribute equipment for simultaneous translation, and provide simultaneous interpretation and audiovisual logistics services at events. Our team of interpreters is made up of professionals with vast experience, members of ADICA and AIIC. We offer a service of the highest technical and professional quality: without setbacks or outsourcing.

We manufacture equipment
Simultaneous interpretation
audiovisual logistics


Our experience in the sector already exceeds 20 years. Since our inception, we have maintained the commitment to work with high quality standards, offering a service tailored to the client that satisfies the most demanding requirements, efficiently and with a rapid speed of action.
We are characterized by careful personalized attention, based on fluid communication and planned coordination. We adapt to the needs of the client throughout the process. Always close, always attentive, always on time.

They trust us